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Magic Internet Money - Bitcoin 101 With Brad Mills

Nov 30, 2020

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Philip McKernan!

Philip is an Irish author, filmmaker and keynote speaker. He is best known for his Rich on Paper Poor on Life book and his Give & Grow feature film. In 2012, he founded One Last Talk, a live speaking platform that helps ordinary people tell they're extraordinary stories. 

You can find out more about him here:

This episode of the podcast is with Phillip McKernan. Lately, the price of bitcoin has been going up and you've been probably hearing that it's up in the last month. You may have missed the run or you may be thinking “I'm gonna kick myself because I didn't buy it more bitcoin” or you may just be coming to this because you've heard about Philip and you heard he was on another podcast and you do want to hear what he's discussing on a bitcoin podcast well. The coin doesn't quite come up a lot in this conversation. We talk about money, people's relationships and Phillips history. We discussed some philosophical things about what's going on in the world and maybe why people are being split into these camps and there's so much divisiveness 


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thanks again for tuning back into the show a really appreciate everybody who's listening, sharing and reaching out to me. It gives me a lot of confidence to keep doing this so thanks again and here's Phillip McKernan.



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