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Magic Internet Money - Bitcoin 101 With Brad Mills

Nov 23, 2020

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Jamie King. 

Check out Jamie's Podcast, STEAL THIS SHOW! It is a collaboration between TorrentFreak  and STEAL THIS FILM‘s Jamie King. For more than a decade, TorrentFreak has covered the latest in filesharing and copyright news. After making STEAL THIS FILM, Jamie, started VODO, to help artists use P2p to get their work out and experiment with new business models. (Recently, Jamie has started working on a new project, Emergents, which you are welcome to check out.)


Jamie wanted a way to discuss the kind of news covered on TorrentFreak with some thought-leaders, innovators and friends. Expect a regular chat show that brings a dose of reality to digital distribution plus one-off interviews with special guests.

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Brad Mills is a partner at Xsquared Ventures. All opinions expressed by Brad & his guests do not reflect the opinions of Xsquared Ventures or Xsquared Ventures Management. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk and can get you rekt, do not treat any opinion expressed on this show as investment advice, but only as an expression of Brad’s opinion. This podcast is for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to HODL without doing your research first.