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Magic Internet Money - Bitcoin 101 With Brad Mills

Apr 30, 2020

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Alex Bosworth.

Alex is a technical program manager from SF. Originally drawn to economics at the University of Chicago, Alex left to pursue software development. Alex started working on open-source software for Enterprise deployments, and in 2007 Alex co-founded an indie...

Apr 21, 2020

Thanks for watching another episode of Magic Internet Money Podcast. In this one, I sat with Garrett Gunderson. 

Garrett Gunderson is an author, standup comedian, financial educator & founder of Wealth Factory.

He's the writer of many bestselling financial books like 'What Would The Rockefeller's Do' & 'Killing Sacred...

Apr 10, 2020

Thanks for watching another episode of Magic Internet Money. 

This week, we conducted a survey with one of North America's leading surveying companies, Hotspex.

In this podcast we sit down and analyse the results with the Hotspex Associate Director, Esther Vlessing who shared some intricate and interesting opinions on...