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Magic Internet Money - Bitcoin 101 With Brad Mills

Dec 10, 2020

Thank you for tuning into the Magic Internet Money Podcast! I'm Brad Mills and this is the podcast where you can learn how to short the banks and bank on being your own bank!

Today's episode is with the legendary Jameson Lopp! He's well known in the space as a great adversarial thinker, privacy advocate, defender of bitcoin and one hell of a model American. I hope you guys enjoy this podcast because I learned a thing or 2 from this episode. Enjoy!

Jameson's goal is to spread knowledge of cryptosystems and liberating technologies. If you can offer an opportunity to reach a large audience, please use the low priority form. If you're seeking specific answers for your own understanding, please check the educational resources page on his website. More info on Jameson can be found here:






More info on Stratum:


Topics discussed:

4:14 How has Casa been affected by the Covid lockdowns in 2020?

12:52 Why Did  Jameson Lopp Leave BitGo And How Did That Help Casa?

29:20 Should we be worried about institutions changing bitcoin fundamentally?

43:48  Brads Idea For Casa & The Future Of Finance

54:15 The Ultimate Cold Storage and Bitcoin Security Using Casa

1:08:17 How much will bitcoin be worth in the future?

1:24:05 Will Bitcoin Scale?

1:39:17Alt Coins vs Bitcoin, the final battle!

Produced by Brad Mills - Twitter, Hamilton - YouTube, Jason Sanderson - Podcast Tech
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Brad Mills is a partner at Xsquared Ventures. All opinions expressed by Brad & his guests do not reflect the opinions of Xsquared Ventures or Xsquared Ventures Management. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk and can get you rekt, do not treat any opinion expressed on this show as investment advice, but only as an expression of Brad’s opinion. This podcast is for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to HODL without doing your research first.